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About Us

About HeartDoorTM

The purpose of creating this site and writing the book is just one- to help bring semblance of peace, prosperity and tranquillity in the life of everyone who comes across HeartDoor™.

If you are looking for a shift in the way you think and want to experience an abundant life, then try the HeartDoor™ meditation.

HeartDoor™ is a special meditation that came to Pravin Agarwal in a moment of Divine epiphany which helped him attain miracle shifts with ease.

Take the next step towards a fuller life, today!

Who should try the HeartDoor™ meditation?
  • Anyone looking to bring divine energy into their life
  • Those looking for infinite joy in their life
  • Those suffering from anxiety
  • Those suffering from depression
  • Those looking to be on a path to spiritual healing
  • Anyone looking to be involved in holistic healing and empowerment
What can you expect to feel after the HeartDoor™ meditation?

The HeartDoor™ meditation, like all mediations, is a subjective experience. What we feel in such a vulnerable and fluid state is very difficult to define. The outcomes, however, will be easy to see.

Within a few days of doing this spiritual practice, you will notice a shift in how you feel. It will allow you to heal past trauma and define the course of your life.

From controlling how you feel to choosing happiness as a state of being, this practice is for everyone!

About The Author

Having enacted thousands of successful healings, Pravin Narain Agarwal is an accomplished New Age practitioner and Thought Influencer.

Pravin has always been inspired by reading about miracles attributed to high masters like Shri Ram, Krishna, Jesus Christ, Sai Baba and Guru Nanak, who would simply look at a person, or touch them, changing their lives forever. This motivation has been his driver, not only for his own Life, but also his desire to help others help themselves.

This validated his thought that God is simple and easy to approach to manifest miracles in our life’s.

This book is a result of Pravin’s 30+ years quest which is still continue.