How To Release Negative Emotions?

What are Negative Emotions?

We are the sum total of our beliefs, which include those of our ancestors, our soul beliefs and those we pick up as we move along in our lives.

These beliefs are usually stored in the deep recesses of our brains and work to protect us within the ambit of the experiences they carry with them. It started when humans evolved eons back and had to literally fight for survival in a hostile world, surrounded by predators. Thus, when faced with a threatening animal or hostile fellow humans, they either figured they could fight and win, or else fled the situation. These experiences started getting embedded in their brains, being passed on with the DNA to their progeny and so on.

How Does Nature Release Trauma?

With animals in a forest, they usually have a limited number of places where they can go to drink water. Such locations are used not only by deer, but also the large cats which hunt them. So, if a deer gets chased by a lion, and manages to survive, it stops and goes into a shivering frenzy for a few minutes, and then goes back to grazing the grass as if nothing had happened. This is nature’s way of providing animals with trauma release to be able to survive in their environment.

Human Experiences and Trauma

Unfortunately, unlike animals, humans do not have a trauma release mechanism, and tend to bury it deeper and deeper within, eventually getting hard wired in their brains. Over time, this has become the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism in humans, which has resulted In us getting more and more bogged down with these ‘negative emotions’.

These emotions in turn tend to act as beacons, and attract more of their kind in our lives – a self feeding frenzy if you please.

Techniques to Release Negative Emotions

Now the big question which comes to mind is how to release them, and empty the cup so to speak and de-clutter and de-limit our brains to be able to not only move forward, but to start thriving in our lives and living to our fullest potentials.

Techniques for doing this have existed for millenia in the sacred texts from ancient India to ancient China and other places. Fortunately, the New Age movement has deciphered these cryptic texts and made them easy to follow for modern humans.

These techniques include Reiki, ThetaHealing, EFT, Ho’oponopono etc. among others. They all work wonderfully in their own ways. A common thread among all of them is taking 100% responsibility for our own experiences, and assuming that we invited or created them at some level, instead of remaining in the common victim mode.

Victim mode is something we all have become accustomed to, having been taught this right from our religious texts to stories, news etc., etc. Thus, this mode is both the easiest thing to work on – simply by taking 100% responsibility for our experiences, and also the hardest – that is coming into accepting that we are the creators of our own lives and destinies, and that we have an inherent ability to change the course of our lives.

Ho’oponopono Meditation Technique

Releasing negative emotions through Ho’oponopono is particularly extremely user friendly and DIY. At its core, all it involves is a simple statement:


    • I’m Sorry

    • Please Forgive me

    • Thank you

    • I Love You.

An Excerpt from ‘Find your Happiness Sweet Spot!… for an Abundant Life.


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