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Find Your Happiness Sweet Spot!

Welcome to ‘HeartDoorTM ’, where we take you on a journey to wellness and infinite joy. Within the pages of this book lies wisdom that has been seeking you, just the way you have been seeking some happiness. Each page is a call to change how you live and believe in this world and find your Happiness Sweet Spot!

Join us in this journey, walk every step with us and feel your soul cleanse itself as it prepares to serve a higher purpose- bringing you pure joy and happiness.

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A Book That Will Change How You Breathe,
Live and Thrive

The techniques mentioned in the ‘Find Your Happiness Sweet Spot! For an Abundant Life’, is a result of years of learnings and practical application. It holds the power to change your unhappy experiences and circumstances in life into happy ones with ease.

An easy to read, self- help book, it delves a lot into human nature and forces you to take charge of your life. It puts you on the driving seat of life and brings changes into your life, one day at a time.

Pravin, the author of the book has put his three decades of work into a few pages with the hope to change the generational unhappiness that we face today. His core philosophy is that the creative forces of the universe are simple and easy to tap into and help manifest miracle shifts in one’s life.

What do people have to say about the book?

Ultimate, superb, excellent writing by the writer. Love the way it is written. It’s a great joy to read the book, really enjoyed.

What a fantastic book to read


Pravin’s book hits the right spot on the heart and the mind of the reader! The language of the book is easy, therapeutic and fulfilling.By giving his personal life’s incidents one can easily resonate...



Starting from defining our happiness spot, the first six chapters will explain different concepts to make us understand the true meaning of our life deeply. The simple techniques that are shared in these...

Insightful !

Dhivya Bavananthi

Finding happiness is an inside job and this book will be a perfect stirrer for one to unleash your inner happiness by understanding simple yet profound techniques. I took this book in am kindle app...

Inside job


really enjoyed reading this book and will try to become self aware of some aspects and how to balance them and keep them in harmony for a true joyfulness

Enjoyed reading this

Aarti Bhardwaj

Find Your Happiness Sweet Spot" by Pravin Narain Agarwal is a realistic exploration of what true happiness means and how to achieve it in our lives. The book offers practical advice on discovering passion...

Shifts thinking from a state of helplessness to one of empowerment.

Dipa sharma

It's a very useful book.. Everyone should read this book..especially the reiki portion should be read..

Very Useful Book

Sanjana chakraborty

FIND YOUR HAPPINESS SWEET SPOT!" by author Pravin Narain Agarwal is a self-help great read with some beautiful insights in it. The book is excellent and has a capacity to make a huge change in your...

Great Read


Find Your Happiness Sweet Spot! is an insightful book by Pravin Narain Agarwal. This book is a distillation of decades of learning, presented through simple and practical techniques aimed at helping...

This book is both inspirational and practical.


About The Author

As someone who believes in the humanistic practices of the New Age, Pravin Narain Agarwal felt that it was important to bring his learnings and practices to the people.

What started as a journey towards self- healing was later transformed into this book. His years of spiritual practice, Reiki, spreading love, healing and learning have been beautifully captured in this transformation book.

Pravin has always been inspired by reading about miracles attributed to high masters like Shri Ram, Krishna, Jesus Christ, Sai Baba and Guru Nanak who could cure people with a simple look or touch. And with this same passion to help others and witnessing magic in his life, he took upon himself the task to spread this message.

For him, life is still happening in the most beautiful and miraculous way!


Get a glimpse into the Ho'oponopono life and the HeartDoorTM meditation technique

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Your Questions Answered

Well, why should you deny yourself the chance to be happy? If you are someone who is going through a tough time, then the book is the perfect read for you. It allows you to put yourself in the driving seat and embark on a journey to spiritual healing.

The Happiness Sweet Spot is nothing but that state of being in your life where you experience infinite joy, love and divine energy. The book will help you bring and maintain Happiness into your life throughout hardships and negative emotions.

The Heart Door meditation can take anywhere between 10-15 minutes. The technique can be customised based on how you are feeling and the issue you want to address at hand.

The Heart Door Technique is not like any other mindfulness meditation. It requires you to be involved in the entire process while actively engaging your thoughts and healing trauma.

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